Famine in East Africa

One of the toughest things missionaries face is being on the front lines when people are suffering. This post is to raise awareness of a current humanitarian need in East Africa.

Basically, people are starving. Reports are coming in from Nazarenes on the ground in difficult places where creativity is often needed to survive saying that sometimes there is no water or food locally available. Trees are dried up and not producing fruit. Crops can not be harvested. NCM-Africa is helping out, but it will take more than what they currently have to meet the need. (Picture provided by Africa East Field.)NCM Africa food

Moving to another area where food and water may be available is dangerous. It is best if people can stay at home and work to plant for the next season. A “temporary” relocation too often becomes permanent and the refugee camps are overflowing.

We need rain. Please, pray for rain in East Africa. Pray for rain that will saturate, but not overwhelm, the ground.

The most recent  Out of Africa, the regional newsletter, contains more details and information about how you and your church community can help financially – in addition to your prayers.

Thank you! Asante sana! Biae danke! Merci beaucoup! Muito obrigado! Muchas gracias!

To read more about this situation…

Famine Early Warning System – http://www.fews.net/east-africa

Photo essay from the BBC – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-38956100


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