Preach the Word

One thing that Greg loves to do is preach! Last Sunday, he preached at our Africa home church – University Church of thdscn3675e Nazarene. The pastor was preaching elsewhere on the district. Greg will be posting his sermon on his blog, Theology in Overalls, very soon. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, why?

Joseph Kisoi did the interpretation for the sermon.

On Tuesday, people from the congregation could still recall the main points form the sermon from memory. Not bad.

Greg did receive some bad news this week. Another tenor from the Nairobi Choir died. The man was a long-term missionary working at another nearby private Christian university. Please pray for his family and friends. The death was unexpected and sudden.

Another prayer request concerns the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology Conference this weekend. Please pray that all will go well. Greg is the secretary for the Society and will also be presenting a paper… more about that next week.

Other random pictures from this week, just because…






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