Representing ANU

On Saturday, Greg was asked to represent ANU at the Kenya Central District Assembly. We decided to do our usual work division. I set up the table and Greg did the up front speaking. He also spoke to people after the assembly was over. The field strategy coordinator, Don Gardner, told him that it was one of the best ANU presentations he has ever seen.

Of course, the ANU presentation was not the only thing that stood out about this assembly. I’d like to mention two others.


First, the district superintendent who is battling cancer was able to come for a few minutes. The assembly business stopped as he entered. The elders gathered around him to pray in chorus. After that, Greg was asked to lead in a corporate prayer. Then, an offering was taken and more than one half of the money needed for the next cancer treatment was raised.

Second, Don Gardner allowed the assembly to say “Fadscn3229rewell” to Daryll and Verna Stanton. The Stantons have been Nazarene missionaries  for over three decades serving  in several African nations and assignments. The Stantons will be starting their “victory lap” in the United States beginning in December, so this was their last Central District Assembly. Daryll and Verna each gave a word of greeting to the assembly. They were given a standing ovation. (If you haven’t asked them to come speak at your church, contact them!)

Have a great week!

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