Words & a pic – Christmas edition – December 21, 2016

The lead-up to Christmas at ANU can be a stressful one for students.

School-based students take their final exam.

It marks the end of the first trimester, and with that come final exams. In Kenya, the final counts for 60% of the grade for the course, so besides lots of studying, there’s lots of prayer offered up for students.From mid-November through mid-December, our school-based program is in session. These are primary and high school teachers from across Kenya who come to upgrade their credentials, moving to a Bachelor’s degree and – for some – working on a Master’s.

While here, they participate in chapel services, too, going deeper in their faith. ANU is having quite an impact on the country as we’ve sent out hundreds of school-based education graduates, better equipped than before to meet the challenges of their profession.

Kenya has malls!

Amy and I have enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations at area malls. At the Junction, this year they have Christmas trees with female mannequins on top. (Really, shouldnt those be womannequins?) We can buy most everything we need here and often get out on Saturdays to grocery shop or sometimes to watch a movie at the theater.

a “womannequin”

Christmas Skype

We’re grateful for technology. Thanks to Skype, we get to connect with John, Brad, and Emily (Brad’s wife) on a fairly regular basis. On Christmas, we’re looking forward to talking with them again.

Compliments of the season

Thank you for all your prayers for our missionary work throughout 2016. MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a wonderful 2017 blessed by God with good health and much joy.



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