School vacation? Hardly!

Teachers work hard. Teachers in Kenya are no exception. Due to several variables in the past, many people had been allowed to teach, particularly at the primary level, without a bachelor’s degree. A few years ago, the government decided that this must change. A limited time was allowed for people to upgrade to a degree level education.

ANU took the challenge to educate those already teaching by offering courses during school vacation periods. Now, the students who come for the “school-based” program are not only getting education degrees. Many courses are given and several of those teachers who came originally for a bachelor’s have obtained a master’s degree.

The school-based students’ day begins with chapel.

It is great when these students are on campus. They give a different feel. They are older. They are hungry for education. They are intentional in studies and faith.

University Church of the Nazarene was so packed out on Sunday that the people who gave announcements found their seats had been quickly filled when they were on the platform. Children were on the laps of nearby adults and extra chairs were placed in the aisles.

When you think of vacation, do you think of taking classes? Do you cram your days with worship and learning? These students do.

Bonus pictures of the ANU campus this week 🙂

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