Words & a pic – November 9, 2016

croffords_weddingOn Friday, November 4, our younger son, Brad, married Emily (Em) Papp. We flew from Nairobi to Des Moines, Iowa for the celebration. In the days leading up to the wedding, we had time as a family, including John, who came all the way from S. Korea to be the best man. It was the first time the four of us had been together in over 3 years. Now, we’re thrilled that it will be the five of us, as we welcomed Em to our family. It was also fun getting to know Em’s mom, Amy, and some of the the family on her side.

A lot of the Crofford extended family came for the wedding ceremony and reception. Greg’s dad and mom were there, as were four of Greg’s brothers, their spouses, and some of their children and grandchildren. Amy’s sister, Meg, her husband, Dan, and their children also came.

We’re safely back at ANU now, after 1 1/2 days of return travel. Our bodies are tired, but our hearts are overflowing!


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