“She’s famous!”

20161015_142521Greg and I are visiting all of our favorite haunts from the last time that we lived in Nairobi. A week or so ago, we visited Yaya Centre. The Indian restaurant has changed its menu. Unfortunately, all our favorite dishes were casualties. We went to Java House instead and discovered that they now have really good (and spicy) burritos. Win!

While at Yaya, we also visited the music store, the craft store, the toy store, and the souvenir shop none of which had changed much in the past three years. I was reminded of how expensive embroidery kits are here. A small one cost almost $50 USD. That’s not happening. I wil20161015_142536.jpgl design my own.

We saved our favorite store for last… BookStop, Ltd.. As if we need to be told to stop for books!  It sells  new books, but also used books at prices that are not garage-sale-cheap, but also not outrageous. While I was perusing the used books, Greg meandered around the rest of the store. Then, he signaled me to come over to where he was. He held up a book and said, “She’s famous!” He then snapped the pictures in this post.

Prof Leah Marangu is well respected beyond the campus of Africa Nazarene University. It is an honor to serve under her leadership.

We are looking forward to the Commencement ceremonies on Friday. Please, say a prayer for all of us as the day will be glorious, but hectic as (I believe) ANU graduates a record number of students… again!



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