Lessons from Kitengela

One of the fundscn0837 things about having volunteers come to Africa Nazarene University for a short stay is that we visit our local tourist places with them. Last weekend, we went to Anselm (Kitengela) Glass. This glass factory reminded me of Corning Glass where I took many school field trips as a child.

We can’t help ourselves from finding life illustrations when we are out and about. We say, “There’s a sermon illustration.” This outing was no different.dscn0841

After watching a demonstration of  how to make a glass bowl, we stepped down into the discount sales room. The pieces in this room were all marked with prices, but they were negotiable. Why? The pitcher may lean a bit to the side. The bowl might have a chip. As the saleswoman said, “They are imperfect, but still usable.” Greg noted that this is the room where we would all be placed – “imperfedscn0818ct, but still usable.”

Greg writes of another lesson in a recent blog.

Please, pray for the graduation ceremony at the end of this month and all the busyness that comes with such a large and important event.

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