Just who is the Great Commission for?

Rev Evans Katanga kneels as we pray for him.
Rev Evans Katanga kneels as we pray for him. Njeri could not attend.

Is the Great Commission – or the “Supreme Order,” as the French say – for all followers of Christ everywhere? Ask Reverend Evans and Njeri Katanga.

Evans grew up in the Church of the Nazarene in Harare, Zimbabwe. Some years ago, he sensed that God was calling him to cross-cultural ministry. His journey took him to Kenya, where he enrolled at Africa Nazarene University outside Nairobi. In 2011, he married Njeri, and the Lord has given them a daughter, Panache. Now Njeri senses as well that she is called of God to be a missionary. In January 2017, Global Mission is deploying the Katanga family to Accra, Ghana, where they will work alongside our Nazarenes with a focus on theological education. Meanwhile, they are beginning deputation services in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Yesterday at chapel, Evans – who has been serving as Dean of Students for our ANU Town Campus – shared about their journey and asked us to pray for and support them. At the end, Professor Reed invited us to gather around and pray – see photo. What a wonderful time of affirming God’s call on the life of this family! Will you join me in praying for them as they follow God’s leading to a place far away from their Zimbabwean and Kenyan roots? Where God leads, He will sustain.

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