Words & a pic – September 22, 2016

dscn6086It’s not home until you have your books. When our shipment arrived last week, about 60% of the boxes were books, both general reading and my theology library. Sure, we have plenty of e-books, but are old-school enough to want the traditional kind, too.

Here’s a shot of some of our collection. Amy and I like Shell Silverstein, and3-volume set has travelled with us to Haiti plus four African nations – Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, South Africa, and Kenya. Many of you know Silverstein’s celebrated The Giving Tree, a wonderful tale about selflessness that every child should hear.

On my way to choir the other night, I gave a lift to four ANU students heading into town. Among them, Wereh is a first-year student at ANU’s law school. When I asked what he liked to do, he said: “I love to read!” He already told me that he’s set the goal of graduating with honors. If he loves to read, I’d estimate he’s already half-way there.

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