Holiness Week – September ’16

Holiness Week at Africa Nazarene University hosts Rev. Friday Ganda as the special speaker. For this special emphasis, chapel is held daily. Yesterday, Rev. Ganda shared about his recent car accident in a sparsely populated area of Tanzania. He asked the students, “Do you think you’ll have time?” He challenged his listeners to be like Jacob and allow no distractions when seeking God.

dscn0728This morning, he spoke of Abraham. We all need to be willing to sacrifice. Knowing God, he said, will cost you something. With life examples he demonstrated that obeying God is more important than anything else. He asked, “What is God asking you to do?” He continued, “Let us be bold for God.”

Please pray for the ANU Main Campus this week as Prof. Rod Reed prayed this morning, “Let something happen here that has never happened here before!”

Next week, the downtown campus will celebrate Holiness Week, so continue to pray for Rev. Ganda as he will be sharing there as well.

A bonus: Have I mentioned how fun it is to take pictures on this gorgeous campus?

This is a view from the office where I work …


I also love using the macro lens! Click on the picture to see it better.



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