Words and a pic – August 25, 2016

DSCN6066Kenya has many languages spoken by its various people groups. Some of those languages include Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Masai, and Kisii. But the two major languages spoken throughout the country are English and Swahili. Since we pretty much have the first one down, we’ve started working on the second.

One of our language learning methods is to tack 3 x 5 cards onto objects around the house. The card you see above hangs on the closet in our bedroom. They say that if you don’t know the Swahili word, say the English one and add an “i” on the end! (It works sometimes, and other times you just get a chuckle in response). See if you can find the Swahili words for “blouse” and “suit” in our pic of the week.


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