Words & a Pic – May 25

One of the things that Greg and I have unfortunately gotten pretty good at is saying goodbye.DSCN9803

On Tuesday, the regional office gave us a tea featuring our favorite South African foods. The samosas and milk tart seemed to be popular with everyone else there as well! People said kind words and gave us gifts. The sculpture and flowers on the left are just a few of them. We know that since we are staying on the region and regional office people travel a lot, we will see many of them again at events held at ANU. For a few though, e-mails will have to do.

We have loved being members of the South Africa Botanical Society. We have visited three of the gardens – Walter Sisulu (very close to our home), Pretoria, and Kirstenbosch (in Cape Town). On Friday, we said goodbye to the botDSCN9818anical garden in Pretoria. Greg wanted to walk the dassie trail. Although we had seen dassies there, we had never gottDSCN9828 (2)en a picture of one until Friday. I wanted to get some butterfly pictures – we took several. It was a good day; the weather was perfect; we left satisfied.

As you read this, we are saying yet another goodbye. Today, we are saying goodbye to the educational leaders of the Africa region. We will be in contact with some of them – particularly the ones who are on Africa East Field. It is doubtful whether we will see some of the others again as our paths will probably not cross.

We are good at saying goodbye. We do not burn bridges. We stay in touch. Even so, goodbyes are never easy. Keep us in your prayers today.


Nigerian Proverb

A person once stung by a bee gets frightened at the sight of a house fly.


Greg’s blog – Theology in Overalls

Sometimes, you just have to take a break from theology. Blueberry pie is as good (and delicious) an excuse as any!

Baking is relaxing and scratches my creativity itch. I used to be totally nervous that I would add a little bit too much of an ingredient and ruin the whole thing. Now, I’m much more go-with-the-flow. It’s tough to mess things up irretrievably.

Maybe there’s a spiritual application there…

To find out what that is, click here and read the whole blog post.

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