Words & a pic – April 14, 2016

NTC_groupWhen you’re involved in educational admin, one of the joys is worshiping with the ones you’re called to serve.

Nazarene Theological College in South Africa educates women and men for vocational ministry. What a tremendous time we had today of singing praises to God and hearing Scripture so ably preached. Rev Anna Sibeko (see pic) presented a wonderful message from Acts 9. She spoke of how each “Paul” needs a “Barnabas,” someone who can walk beside them in ministry and be an encouragement. Anna serves as the librarian and is the former chaplain.

Please pray for the students who are preparing themselves to fulfill God’s call upon their lives.

Rev Anna Sibeko, librarian at NTC

Amy’s African proverb of the week

“If you climb up a tree, you must climb down the same tree.” – from Sierra Leone

From Greg’s latest blog post, “Church of darkness or church of light?”

“Could it be this strange mixture in the church of good and bad confuses our world and prevents nonbelievers from fully considering the claims of the Gospel?”

Read the whole post here.

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