Words & a Pic – April 6

DSCN9357.JPGAfrica Regional Conference – Part 3

We just returned from the conference in Grand Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire. It was a wonderful time to see old friends from the days we lived on the Africa West Field. Above is a picture of Greg and Moïse Toumoudagou – times two. The picture on the computer was taken more than a decade ago in Cotonou, Benin.

It was also a time to celebrate all the faces we did not know.

We were on the balcony during the service with the march of nations. Each delegation took a turn walking/dancing/marching down the center aisle with the flag of their country. We watched and then looked at each other with tears in our eyes and said, “This is so amazing!”

The depth and maturity of these delegates impressed all who attended. At regional office devotions this morning, many who had never visited Africa West Field before related how the time spent there had changed their perceptions and lives. One said the most memorable quote for him came from Clément DjeDje’s seminar. When asked if his work involved danger, DjeDje  responded that people could die anywhere. He and those who work with him are doing the will of God; therefore – even if they are persecuted- “There is no risk.”

Just let that sink in for a minute and be blessed.


African proverb

The donut seller always says the donuts are hot.


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