Words and a pic – March 30, 2016

DSCN5189In just two months, our time here in South Africa will be coming to a close. Meanwhile, we’ve been savoring some of our favorite places. Yesterday, we visited the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. In the gardens, the Cormorant Bird Hide is such a peaceful place. We’ve spotted many species of birds that come for a swim – African darters, Cormorants, Southern Cape masked weaver birds, red bishops, mallards and more. But yesterday the pristine blue sky, warm sun and shadows cast by the hills had the pond all to themselves. Nature is a wonderful way to reconnect with God.

African proverb from Amy

“Ce qui fait pleurer les yeux fait pleurer les narines” – What makes the eyes cry makes the nostrils cry.

Meaning: When hard times come, we stand with each other in solidarity.

sproutGreg’s latest post at “Theology in Overalls”

“Why do bad things happen to good people? Theologians have sometimes solved the riddle by either claiming that God is not all good or that God is not all powerful. Both of these solutions fail to satisfy because they leave out Christ, more specifically the Cross, the Empty Tomb and the Second Coming.”

Read the rest of “No Resurrection? No Christianity” by clicking here.

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