Words & a pic – March 2, 2016

Rev Hans and Hannie Deventer
Rev Hans and Hannie Deventer, a dynamic couple in ministry

One of the privileges I’ve had for the past 3 years is attending the annual meeting of the International Board of Education. This year, we met outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was inspirational hearing the reports of what God is doing through the 52 institutions of higher learning sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene.

A serendipity was attending service on Sunday a.m. at the Dordrecht Church of the Nazarene. Preaching that morning was the co-pastor, Rev Hans Deventer, who I’ve known from NazNet.com. He and his wife, Hannie, hosted me in their home for lunch. Later, I also was honored to get together with a handful of the young adults from the church to share about Amy’s and my call to missions. It was a great day to meet old friends and make new ones!

Peter, a former missionary, was my interpreter.
Peter, a former missionary, was my patient Dutch interpreter at church.

Amy’s proverb of the week

“It’s God himself who chases away the flies from the animal with no tail.” – from the Minah people group of Benin (West Africa)

Greg’s essay at “Theology in Overalls” (gregorycrofford.com)

Here’s an excerpt:

“In that race, you as graduates of NTI are pacesetters. You are leaders to whom not only the church but the nation looks for inspiration. To you, in both your relationship with Christ and in ministry, I say this afternoon: RUN WELL.”

Read the whole graduation address (based on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27) by clicking here.

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