Words & a Pic – February 24

DSCN8893I have found the Lenten season an interesting time to sort the house for our impending move back to Kenya. It is a season of sacrifice. As I look at items, I ask myself several questions. If I didn’t have it already, would I buy it? Have I used it or even thought about it in the last few months? Is there someone else who would like it or put it to better use? Does it make me smile or give me joy? Is there a way to save it digitally or in another format that weighs less or takes less space?

I found a website that challenges people to get rid of a bag of stuff everyday of Lent (http://www.whitehouseblackshutters.com/40-bags-in-40-days/). It seemed like a good idea so I wrote down 40 areas that needed sorting and drafted Greg to help me get it done.

Amidst a bunch of other things, I have found bits and pieces of stories and articles that I’ve begun and abandoned. This might become not only a time of giving things away, but of resurrecting good ideas from the past whose time has come.


African Proverb 

Having a good discussion is like having riches ~ Kenya


Theology in Overalls

Note: This week Bruce passed away. He was a very short man who – with tremendous grace and good humor – dealt with a physical lifelong disability. He loved the Lord, and he loved others. Well-done, Bruce!

The resurrection of the body is a crucial doctrine of Christian faith. We will be given new bodies, strong and eternal like the resurrection body of our Lord. Here we stake our claim; here we stand.

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