Words & a pic – February 17, 2016

While I now buy most books in e-reader format, there’s still something about holding a traditional, hard copy book in my hands that can’t be beat. When Amy and I moved to South Africa, about 70% of our shipment weight was books, both Bible/theology and general reading. Now that we’re heading to Kenya in August to serve at Africa Nazarene University, it’s time to find a new home for some of my books. They’re still useful tools for pastors but no longer the newer resources I’ll need as a theology instructor to prepare lectures. So, this week I’ve had a stream of people in the office looking to adopt some of my “children.” It’s fun to see which books they choose and why. If you want to do something thoughtful for your pastor, consider books!

Pastor Hubert Tiger checks out Greg's books
Pastor Hubert Tiger checks out Greg’s books

An African proverb from Amy

“He who does not know one thing knows another.”

From Greg’s latest post at “Theology in Overalls”

I’m plugging away at writing my new book, Christlike Disciples, Christlike World: The Transformational Mission of the People of God.” Here’s an excerpt from the latest chapter:

“No one culture or nation can trap God in a bottle, cork it, and taunt: ‘We have God in a bottle and we’re not sharing!’ The good news of Jesus Christ is good news for all, or it is not good news at all.”

Read the rest of the chapter by clicking here.





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