Words & a Pic – February 10

We are looking forward to the final Africa Regional Conference. It will be held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire the last week of March and into early April. I (Amy) have not been there for over a decade. The little boy in this picture from Benin would now be in eighth grade! Greg was there morBaby on backe recently speaking at a PALCON with Stan Toler.

At the conference, Greg will be making a presentation about ministerial development. We will both be helping non-French speakers get around and in any other way we can.

Greg’s devotional book, 30 Minutes with God, will be available for the first time in French and English. Our son, Bradley, translated it while he visited us in the autumn.

Please  pray that our visas are awarded. Also pray that others who will  be coming to share the excitement and inspiration also find the way smooth.



African proverb – Eggs are incapable of caring for each other


Meaning – Children need the love, care and protection of their parents.


Families and communities transformed: changing our “Jerusalem”

rippleI’ll call them Susan and Lisa. Though their names have been changed, their story hasn’t.

Susan had since childhood been angry. She could lash out viciously toward others, but then something happened. Susan met Jesus and Jesus changed Susan. Sweetness replaced bitterness and church became a regular part of her life as she grew in her faith.

Her sister, Lisa, noticed. “What happened to you?” she asked Susan.

Read the rest, here




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