Words & a pic – February 3, 2016

Ronald Miller

We work with amazing people at the Africa Regional Office (Church of the Nazarene). Rev Ronald Miller serves as Coordinator for Youth and Urban Ministries. He and his wife, Rachelle, recently finished five years as Nazarene missionaries in Madagascar. They are proud parents of four: Abigail, Malachi, Elijah, and Eden. Ronald – a native of Capetown, South Africa – is a gifted preacher and enjoys lightening the mood around the office with a smile and a ready laugh.

Pray for the Millers are they re-adjust to life in South Africa and as their children move from homeschooling to attending local schools.

An African proverb from Amy

“The old man seated sees further than the young man standing.”

From Greg’s review of N.T. Wright’s Simply Christian, at “Theology in Overalls”:

“Wright is quick to spin a tale, such as the powerful dictator who decided to control the unpredictability of springs and the floods they cause by paving them over. In their place, he introduced a complicated system of pipes from which water would flow. What happens when people realize that there is far better water to drink than the bland brew that comes out of rusty pipes? Religion taps the deep wells that authorities have forbidden and that many have forgotten, springs that – when tapped – can produce unexpected results”

Read the rest of the book review by clicking here.







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