Words and a Pic- January 27


20160124_121827_Burst01 (2) - Copy

Last Sunday, we were privileged to be at the commissioning service for Africa’s newest missionary, Stephen Philips. He will be serving on the Africa West Field.

In his sermon, he related his journey to that day. The quote that Greg remembers is: “If God asks you to do something, it is not a duty; it is an honor.” When Stephen was praying about accepting the missionary position, God gave him a Bible verse… Luke 10:3. It reads:

“Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”

Stephen realized that a lamb among wolves is totally dependent on the Shepherd. He said as long as God was the shepherd, he would go as a lamb, despite the wolves.
We will miss Stephen at the regional office where he used to work for NCM leading the region in combating gender-based violence and human trafficking.
Zambian proverb – “Follow the river and find the sea.”
We are trying to eat healthier and trying new recipes…
Here is one for Pumpkin and Sugar Bean Curry

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