Words & a pic – January 6, 2016

Greg greets Dr Shin with the traditional handshake from the southern part of Africa.
Greg greets Dr Shin with the traditional handshake from the southern part of Africa.

We’ve now added another continent to our repertoire. Over Christmas, Amy and I jetted from Johannesburg, South Africa (where we live and serve as Nazarene missionaries) to Seoul, South Korea. Our son, John, lives in nearby Cheonan and works as an English teacher in two middle schools. This is through the program sponsored by Korea Nazarene University (KNU).

Since we were on holiday, we found lots of fun things to do together around Cheonan – experiencing Korean food (and chop sticks!), going to the premier of “Star Wars,” visiting the Korean War Museum in Seoul and joining in a Christmas Day gift exchange and party with some of John’s colleagues who are also in the program.

father and son

Two Sundays we attended the Korea English International Church of the Nazarene that meets at KNU. There, we saw old friends from our ENC days, Peter and Amy Scott. We had a chance to visit with Dr Shin, who is President of KNU. He is a gracious and godly man, and very busy! Besides being KNU President, he pastors a church with nearly 1,000 members.

One morning when we went outside, the windows of cars were glazed over and there was a dusting of snow on the ground. It was a bit of a shock to our system at first to go from the warmth of a South African summer to the cold of a S. Korean Winter.

Our 10 days went by all too fast and we’re now back in the warmth of South Africa. We’re glad we had a fun get-away and got to see John. God is good.

From Amy’s reading

“It is work which gives flavor to life. Mere existence without effort is a poor thing.” – from Amiel’s Journal (Kindle edition), 236

Excerpt from Greg’s latest “Theology in Overalls” blog

“It’s the beginning of the new year and lots of people are making promises to lose weight. As Christians, how can we overcome the sin of gluttony (overeating)?”

Read the full essay here.

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