Words & a pic – November 25

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday as you can see from my little face in this picture with my older sister Betsy.Thanksgiving

I don’t know if it’s the food. All those special treats that we only eat once a year. I don’t think so though. Maybe it’s the gathering together of family.

As missionaries, we are rarely with our biological families on this special day. We do get together with our missionary families and create memories.  I remember  Pam Runyan leading a missionary kid choir in Côte d’Ivoire. I remember the reading tent we set up in the living room in Haiti so the younger kids could have a private place to get away. I remember the dinner in Benin where a non-American remarked that Thanksgiving was the one day Americans eat better than the French! I remember the dinner in Kenya that we had at our house a few days before we began packing for the move here.

As I get ready for Thanksgiving, I reflect. On Facebook, I recently found out that my most common words for the last year were “Weekly Update.” I won’t be using those words this year although the updates will continue. I’ve decided to make my most frequent word “Thankful” for next year. I’d love to have that as my theme. What will your word be?

Quote from Amy’s reading: Coffee Chop Conversations/ Psychology and the Bible: Live, Love and Lead Well by Jed Jurchenko – 2014, Kindle edition

“Over and over again, the Bible calls its followers to an intelligent faith, a faith that is based on facts and historical events. To be a follower of Christ means to embrace truth.” – page 41

Greg’s blog… (cookbook??)

“Jamaican Banana Bread”, read it here.



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