Words & a pic – November 18, 2015

ICOSACNazarenes love acronyms. Many know about PALCONS, Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conferences. Fewer know about ICOSAC, the International Course of Study Advisory Committee. Last week, we gathered in Kansas City to discuss how we can make the preparation of vocational and lay ministers in the Church of the Nazarene more effective. It was a wonderful time of strategizing, fellowship, and prayer. I’m glad to be part of a global education team!

From Amy’s reading

“With an army commander, a school teacher, or a father, it is not the code of laws and its rewards or threats – clear and good – that secures true obedience. It is the personal, living influence, awakening love and enthusiasm for the one who issues the instruction.”

– Andrew Murray, in A Life of Obedience: Learning to Trust His Time, His Place, His Will (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bethany House, 2002), 36.

Greg’s latest blog, at “Theology in Overalls”

“Most of us can recall times when we’ve missed the mark not just by a little but by a lot. However good our intentions, the end result was disastrous. We let someone down and may have even caused them deep pain. A shattered marriage, a bankruptcy, a broken trust – the consequences of our failure are plain to see and cut deep.”

Read the rest of of the post by clicking here.

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