Words & a pic – November 4, 2015

Greg greets ANU Chaplain Rev Dr Cynde North (left) and Rev Dr Nina Guner (center).
Greg greets ANU Chaplain Rev Dr Cynde North (left) and Rev Dr Nina Gunter (center).

Africa Nazarene University (ANU) continues to amaze us. Besides taking part in meetings of the Trust and Council, Greg was honored to attend the graduation held last week. There were 1,288 graduates, including diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. What an impact for Christ ANU grads are having in East Africa and beyond! General Superintendent emerita, Dr Nina Gunter, gave the graduation address, entitled: “From survival to significance.” Here are some of the quotes from her excellent speech:

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

“There is never a right time to do the wrong thing. There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.”

“God transforms us so that we can become a catalyst for transforming others.”

Congratulations to the ANU class of 2015!

A quote from Amy’s reading

“Guns and arrows may stop an army, but they cannot stop men and women with their dreams.” – Louis L’Amour, in The Proving Trail (Bantam Books, 1978 ), 129.

From Greg’s latest “Theology in Overalls” blog post, entitled “Heaven isn’t enough”

“Church leaders are wringing their hands, wondering what they can do to make the church grow again. May I suggest sinning Christianity is the problem? Until we get to the place where we are sick of our sin and desperate for God’s holy love to fill us, we will have nothing of value to offer to people who look on and see only the same filth and absence of love that they can find 24/7 elsewhere.  If the church has a PR problem, it’s only because it has a sin problem. How can we offer deliverance if we ourselves are still enchained?”

Read the whole post by clicking here.





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