Words & a Pic – October 21, 2015

Mr Stephen Phillips, missionary to Senegal
Mr Stephen Phillips, missionary to Senegal

Sometimes we are tempted to think of Africa only in terms of receiving missionaries from Western nations. Yet there has been a long heritage of the church in Africa sending missionaries from one African country to another.  These missionaries overcome cultural and language barriers to serve at great personal sacrifice.

Mr Stephen Phillips is an example of God’s faithfulness in calling a new generation of African missionaries. A South African by birth, in January 2016, Stephen will say goodbye to family and friends in Johannesburg and move to Dakar, Senegal. There, he will learn French and begin ministry to university students as well as helping implement church development strategies for more effective urban impact.

Stephen is a second generation Nazarene who loves the Lord, has a great sense of humor and a heart for the lost. He has been working in the regional office at Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (see photo). Please pray for Stephen as he gets ready to go, that God will smooth the way and help him adjust quickly to a setting very different than what he knows in his home country.

From Amy’s reading

“We believe it is the will of God that the body of Christ become authentically present in every culture and that the gospel be interpreted with clarity and relevance among every people.”

– J. Dudley Woodberry, ed., Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road (Monrovia, CA: MARC, 1989)

From Greg’s latest blog post at “Theology in Overalls”

“Church is not an option for the believer. It’s a necessity.”

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