Words & a pic – September 30, 2015

CT2_LubumbashiOne of my favorite weeks each year is the intensive course I teach at the Diploma in Theology level. This year, I flew to Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo). There were 16 students in my class, “Théologie chrétienne 2” (Christian Theology 2). Some of the topics we studied were Christology, the doctrine of salvation, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, the church, baptism, Eucharist, and last things. After the final exam, members of the Bridge church (pastored by D.S. Célestin Chishibanji) joined us for a special Saturday worship service. I was honored to preach, and afterwards we received Holy Communion. Missionaries Gavin and Jill Fothergill were my gracious hosts, and it was fun getting to know them and their two bright and energetic young children, Macy and Connor.

Please pray for rain for Lubumbashi, as things are very dry right now. Also, ask God to continue giving a vision to our Nazarenes as they reach out to new areas of the DRC with the message of holiness.

A quote from Amy’s reading (about writing)

“Don’t expect to get it right, just try to get it written. Expecting too much from an early draft results in frustration and disappointment.” – John Dufresne cited in Crafting Novels and Short Stories: The Complete Guide to Writing Great Fiction by Melissa Wuske, ed., Cincinnati, OH: Writer’s Digest, Kindle edition.

Greg’s latest blog, “The power of modeling”

“As for families, so for faith. St. Francis of Assisi reminded us: ‘Preach always. When necessary, use words.’ We learned in first grade during ‘show and tell’ that showing beats telling every time.”

Read the rest of the essay by clicking here.

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