Words & a Pic – September 23

We get the Holiness Today a little later than most – probably due to international posting. Today, we received the July/August issue. As I was reading the articles, I was amazed that I knew soIMG_20150923_101619465 many of the writers. We had done a service at one pastor’s church; we had stayed at another’s house; we served as missionaries-in-residence at a children’s camp lead by another. Then I turned the page and saw a name more familiar than all the rest : Greg Crofford.

After reading Greg’s article, I went to the Holiness Today website and found a story from Gavin Fothergill, read it here.  What amazed me was that, today, Greg is teaching Christian Theology II in Lubumbashi in the DRC where the Fothergills serve.

The Nazarene family is international, but with media outlets like Holiness Today, NCN News and Out of Africa, we can stay in touch. Please pray for the media people of the church today. Then, subscribe if you haven’t already.

Quotes from Amy’s reading: Ray Bakke in A Theology as Big as the City, Downer’s Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1997.

“This principle seems clear: the further one goes into the avant-garde frontier of creative ministry, the more important it becomes that we be deeply rooted in the biblical, theological and  historical tradition. We need deep roots to survive in urban ministry.” (p. 27)

“The Orthodox missionaries would advise you to ‘take off your shoes’ when entering another culture, because even if no church exists there, it is still holy ground — God’s Spirit is present.” (p. 176)

Greg took a break from writing his blog this week due to a hectic travel schedule. A new post will be available soon.




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