Words & a Pic – September 16

When you enter the Africa Regional Office or call on the telephone, you will meet Ronnie. She is the first impression people get and what a professional anDSCN8161d friendly impression that is. She has worked here for decades, knows everyone, and is an invaluable resource. In addition, she works with record keeping for the region. She helps stuffing bags for regional  and other conferences, gets the conference room ready for weekly devotions, and in general will lend a helping hand whenever asked or she sees a need.

Say a prayer for Ronnie today and for all those who make your life a little easier and more pleasant.

KellerQuote from Amy’s reading: From my daily planner (June 7) -“I do not want the peace which passes understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace.” Helen Keller.

Greg’s blog, Theology in Overalls —  On Houston airports and Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, a well-loved cartoon character created by Charles Schulz

We theologize a lot about prayer. It touches so many aspects of who God is and God’s interaction in the world.

Sometimes we say that God responds “yes, no, or wait.” But have you ever had a moment where “no” or “wait” simply weren’t going to cut it? You had to have “yes” or else something irretrievable would be lost?

Find out why Charlie Brown is in this blog, here.

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