Words & a Pic- September 2

Frank RuckmanLast summer as we were transitioning from Oklahoma to Maryland, we needed a stop over in the Nashville area. I contacted the Ruckmans to see if they or someone that they knew would be willing to put us up for the night, or as Greg says: “Put up with us for the night.”

We had never actually met Frank or Sylvia before in person. We had Skyped a few times about Education Development United Foundation matters. Even so, Frank’s immediate response was, “We DO have a ‘spare’ bedroom, that we call ‘Ken’s (Walker) room’.  He has stayed with us several times when coming through.  We would LOVE to offer that room to you.”

At the delicious home-cooked Southern meal we shared, we realized that Frank was enthusiastic and energetic about most everything he was involved in.

Frank died unexpectedly about a week ago. We will miss working with him. Please pray for his family – personal, extended, church, professional, and more. He touched a lot of lives.

Also, please pray for our schedule for the rest of the year. It is on the hectic side and we will need to find those times of rest.

Quote from Amy’s reading: “I have learned the value of releasing that which is of great worth… to gain what is priceless.” from At Legend’s End: The Teacup Novellas, Book 4, by Diane Moody, OB T books – Kindle edition, 2013,  location 3471.

Greg’s recent Theology in Overalls blog: “Supernatural Jesus…and why it matters”

Does it matter whstormether Jesus is “supernatural”?

I ask because of the following anonymous words, reportedly taken from a social media conversation between a member of the clergy and an unidentified correspondent:

“You are having difficulty accepting that I don’t see Scripture as a bunch of threats, rules and facts. I find the truth in the book, but not necessarily factual accounts. It’s hard for me to embrace a ‘magical’ God or even a supernatural Jesus.”

read more, here.

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