Words & a pic – August 19

DSCN8653Africa Regional Conference – Nairobi

As the Africa East and Central Fields gather to pray, praise and participate in workshops, God is mightily glorified.

The conference has a few days to go. Please pray that the meetings continue to go well. Also pray for traveling mercies for everyone who will be returning home. Pray for the lessons learned to be passed along to those who were unable to attend. Pray that the relationships formed will only deepen in the days ahead.

Quote from Amy’s reading: Mother Teresa: a life inspired by Wyatt North, location 670- Kindle edition, 2014.

mother teresa“For it is in those very moments when we least feel like loving someone – when we want to turn away from, blame, or ignore him or her – that she challenges us to see God in this individual and to love that person. Every time we find ourselves confronting another who is different  from us in some way, whether be location, religion, ethnicity, or social status, we must work to see beyond and tear down those divisions, recognizing that other people are our neighbors – that we are all one and we are all God’s people.”

Guest blog by Pelham Lessing on Theology in Overalls concerning infant dedication


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