Words & a pic – August 12, 2015

Luverne Ward, Africa Region Communications Coordinator
Luverne Ward, Africa Region Communications Coordinator

Being part of a good team is one of life’s joys. At Africa Regional Office in Johannesburg, we have excellent team members.

Let me introduce you to Mr Luverne Ward. Verne serves as the Regional Communications Coordinator (RCC). He oversees everything about the message and how it goes out.  The Communications Department includes e-news, video, internet websites, and radio. Verne and his wife, Rachel, have three young boys, with another on the way. Their sons are fun and add a lot of life to our get-togethers as a mission team!

Pray for the Wards, that God will continue to bless their ministry here in Africa.

From Amy’s reading

“The dynamic nature of God’s presence is never stagnant nor merely a holding on to the past, but rather a wind that blows us into the excitement of the unknown and pushes us into uncharted waters of a future filled with hope and promise.” – Jim Copple, in Voices from the Night: The Power and Promise of Community Change (Charleston, SC: self-published), 116.

An excerpt from Greg’s latest blog post at “Theology in Overalls”:

“Henry David Thoreau (1817-62) was a well-known writer and naturalist. As he neared death, his aunt came to visit with him. She asked: “Have you made your peace with God?” Thoreau replied: “I didn’t know that we had ever quarreled.” Thoreau’s response underscores the truth that we must be willing to admit that we have wronged God or else why seek God’s forgiveness? Confession is a prerequisite for pardon.”Read the full post here.

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