Words & a Pic – August 5

This iDSCN8297s the first fabric art piece that I designed and made all by myself. It was crafted from material from West AfrDSCN8298ica, notions from my mother’s and grandmother’s button boxes, a bead butterfly from East Africa and inspired by the botanical gardens in Johannesburg.

This week I finished not only this project, but also a major writing project. I am about to begin another large writing project and I ask for your prayers that what I write will eDSCN8299ncourage and inspire people.

We would also  ask you to pray for the upcoming regional conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Greg will be traveling a lot in the next couple of months.  Please pray that all the needed travel documents will be granted with the least fuss possible.DSCN8301

Quote from my reading: Ray Bakke in The Urban Christian: Effective Ministry in Today’s Urban World, Downer’s Grove (IL): Intervarsity Press, 1987, pg 152.

“Love for each other across racial and class barriers still remains the most powerful testimony to Jesus Christ and the gospel.”

Greg’s latest blog – “When Sin Grows Wings and Claws” — Read it here, http://gregorycrofford.com/2015/08/01/when-sin-grows-wings-and-claws/

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