Words and a pic – July 29, 2015

Greg preaches at the Nkulumane church. His interpreter (into Zulu) was Pastor Elisha Mungure.
Greg preaches at the Nkulumane church. His interpreter (into Zulu) was Pastor Elisha Mungure.

Can you name three locations in Africa that begin with the letter “z”?

If you answered Zanzibar (part of Tanzania), Zambia, and Zimbabwe, then you’re right.

Last weekend, I traveled to Zimbabwe. More precisely, I flew from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Bulawayo, Zim’s second largest city, located in the Western part of the country. My mission was to hold a clergy development seminar. More than 70 pastors and church board members attended the Saturday session at the Mpopoma church. We had a fruitful time in the morning discussing the Bible’s view of God’s provision and our joy in giving, with special emphasis upon responding to the so-called “Prosperity Gospel.” In the afternoon, the topic was reconciliation.

On Sunday, I was honored to preach at the Nukulumane church (see photo). After the sermon on 2 Cor. 5:11-21 was over, I gave an altar call, and many came to pray.  The pastor and his wife led to Christ one young couple who had come forward. Praise be to Jesus.

Rev. Andrew Nyoni (the D.S.) and his wife, Rev. Sephukile Nyoni – both ordained elders – were gracious hosts during my stay. It’s exciting to see how God is blessing their leadership.

From Amy’s reading

“Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individual will influence ten thousand other people during his or her lifetime!” – from John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader within You (Thomas Nelson, 1993; Castle edition for Asia, 1999), 2.

How to download Greg’s presentations

If you’re interested in PDF versions of either of the clergy development seminars Greg presented in Zimbabwe – “Excellent Generosity: 10 Principles for Giving Living” or “Reconciliation x 3: Making Peace with God, each other, and creation,” click here.

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