Words & a pic – July 22, 2015

Rev Anthony Van Zyl, bi-vocational South African Nazarene pastor and printer, presents a hot-off-the-press author’s copy of 30 MINUTES AVEC DIEU to Dr Crofford

John Maxwell tells of fifty people over the age of 95 who were asked what they would do over again in their lives if they could. One of the most common answers was that they would do things that would live on after they were gone.

My hope is that 30 Minutes avec Dieu (30 Minutes with God) is one of those things that will outlast me. It’s a 365 day devotional guide in French. Written in 2014, I offer an inspirational commentary alternating each day between the NT and OT reading, taking the reader through the entire Bible in one year.

There is little devotional material from a Wesleyan perspective available in the French language. This is my effort to help fill the gap. My prayer is that God will use it to deepen the faith of not only French-speaking Nazarenes but the larger Body of Christ.

From Amy’s reading

“Lots of different things happen to all of us, the difference, perhaps, is that the writer makes a conscious mental (or written) note of his or her experiences and, even more importantly, goes on to forge or discover the kind of connects that adds depth and significance to quite ordinary observations.” – Adrian Plass, Cabbages for the King (London: Fount Paperbacks, 1993), 139.

From Greg’s latest blog, “Exposing the prosperity Gospel heresy,”  at “Theology in Overalls”

“…preachers of the prosperity message go beyond needs to desires. In so doing, they shift the center away from God, putting humans and our wants and wishes for success and wealth at the center. In the end, it is no longer Gospel – good news – but for those disillusioned by its unfulfilled promises, it is bad news, a modified strain of Christian faith that leaves little room for sin, repentance, the Cross, or the place of hardship and suffering in the Christian life.”

Read the whole post by clicking here.

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