Words and a Pic – July 1

This butterfly picture was taken recently in Maryland at the home that will be our new stateside base.DSCN8060

When we became missionaries, my mom began calling me her butterfly because I would come and land for a beautiful moment and fly away all too soon.

As you read this, we are  in the airplane headed back to South Africa. Please, say a prayer for our flight and a quick readjustment to the time zone and winter weather.

Quote from Amy’s reading: Ron Farris in God Loves Yopougon, Kansas City: Nazarene Publishing House, 1992, p. 42.

“God began to show me the power of His love to save and to convict. We can’t force anybody into heaven. That is simply not consistent with free grace. We can, however, love them into the Kingdom.”

Greg’s latest Theology in Overalls blog:

“In light of this week’s historic Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, it looks like conservative churches in the U.S. may be doing some fancy legal dancing in coming days.  The question remains: Can the American church learn the marriage two-step?”

Click to read the rest, here.

For another perspective, read the article entitled: “What of Homosexuality? A South African Nazarene Pastor’s Response” by Rev Dr Patrick Thomas in the first issue of the Africa Journal of Wesleyan Theology. Note that same-sex marriage has been legal in South Africa for some time.

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