Words and a Pic – June 17

 DSCN7924On this home assignment, we have spoken at a couple of churches that have community gardens. I love it! I don’t have a green thumb, but am happy for those who do to  share in the ministry of the church to the community. I wonder what other resources, in addition to land, the church has that could be used? (Read a story from Portugal, here.)

Please pray for us this week as we transition our home base to Maryland. It is a real move psychologically even though all the stuff we are moving fit into the car. We have all the goodbyes and hellos, as well as paperwork at Motor Vehicles, etc.

Quote from Amy’s reading:

“The perpetuity of a church depends to a large extent on a ministry trained in the doctrinal concepts, vision and methods of the church.”

Charles H. Strickland, African Adventure, Kansas City (MO): Nazarene Publishing House, 1959, p. 70.


Greg’s latest blog: “Trading in our goodbyes for hellos”

Read it, here

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