Words & a pic – May 27

We are on home DSCN7900assignment in West Texas. One of the joys of traveling around is meeting Nazarenes who care about fulfilling the Great Commission in their own Jerusalem as well as Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Last night, we were welcomed at Grace Tabernacle Church of the Nazarene. These people, reflecting many backgrounds, are a wonderful example of the international churchDSCN7905 who give with open hands and hearts while depending on God to supply their needs.

On the way back to where we are staying, Greg drove through a horrible thunderstorm. We were drenched getting from the driveway to the house. Storms are predicted for each night the rest of this week. Please pray for safety for us and those attending the services.

A Quote from Amy’s reading: “It was a comforting image, not knowing where you were going but not needing to because you knew the one who knew the way…” Timothy Crutcher in Through the Mists of Fear (Starfall 3), Kindle edition, 2014, Location 2165

Greg’s latest Theology in Overalls: “From independence to interdependence: The power of small groups”

“Small groups are discipleship groups, helping members follow Jesus more closely, together. Paradoxically, greater dependence upon each other leads to greater dependence upon God.”

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