Words and a Pic – May 13

DSCN7746 (2) - CopyDSCN7750 This week we celebrated Brad’s graduation with an MA in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Economics and Development from Oklahoma University. Please, pray for Brad to find a job in his field… in Iowa.

We also began holding deputation services. Please pray for us as we travel, meet people, and share about missions.

Quote from Amy’s reading: Just to remind us that we serve a greater cause – not poetry repair bookcovernecessarily poetry… From  page 5 of The Poetry Home Repair Manual by Ted Kooser (Lincoln:University of Nebraska Press. 2007).

“Poetry is a lot more important than poets.”

 Greg’s latest bog: “Missing Small”

I’m missing small.

I first noticed it at doughnut shop at the Ronald Reagan airport in D.C. then here at a mini-mart in Oklahoma. In both places, if you want coffee, you have two choices, medium or large.

Now, I’m no expert in logic, but doesn’t the word “medium” by definition mean in the middle? So, how can you have medium-sized unless you also have large and small?

Jesus had a soft spot in his heart for small.

continue reading  here


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