Words and a pic – May 6, 2015

recital2Music is good for the soul, and tonight we basked in it.

One of the blessings of having landed in Maryland on our way to Oklahoma for deputation is touching base with my brother, Todd, and his family. Tonight, Amy and I attended a recital. It was the final one ever for my sister-in-law, Diane Crofford, who is retiring from teaching piano after 20 years. The photo above is of Ms. Diane – as her students fondly call her – and her prodigies, from age 5 through high school. Well-done!

DSCN4344From Amy’s reading

“Then the African preacher continued, ‘If you want to be used of God, you must come to Him with both hands.” – B. Maurice Hall, in I Sought for a Man: The Story of Nazarene Missions in South Africa (NPH, 1966), 10.

A recent blog post from Greg

“Direction: 3 questions every church must answer” – Click here to read.


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