Words & a pic – April 29


Usually the silk floss tree  is the ugliest tree on the block. The bark looks like it has a embarrassing case of acne. But about this time of year, it blooms! StunningDSCN4336!

Part of being a missionary is learning to appreciate the beauty of the country you live in. We may not have all the same trees, flowers, birds, food, and so on as where we grew up, but what we have here is also good.

Pray that we all will see the beauty in creation  that surrounds us. Though it may seem ugly at first, may we be patient to see the potential it has to make us stand in awe.

hOwieQuote from Amy’s reading: Frank Howie in The Mozambique Story, Kansas City: Nazarene Publishing House, 1993.

“The answer is found in Christ, in a gospel that can change men and women. That gospel applies the balm of Gilead to the broken hearts and lives of people. People who live in a land of burning anger and raw unrelenting anguish need suffer no more.” (30)

Read Greg’s blog, “Baptism: Confessions of a late bloomer”, here.

“I decided to follow Jesus at age 7 and was baptized at 22.

“Yes, you read that right. There were 15 years between my coming to Christ and my sealing it publicly via water baptism.”

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