Words & a Pic – March 18


On Saturday, we attended the graduation ceremony for Nazarene Theological College – South Africa. Forty-one men and women marched across the platform as their supporters shouted, uulated and danced for joy. We look forward with anticipation to see what a difference the Class of ’15 will make for the kingdom.

Please pray that they will remain strong in the faith and true to what they have learned at NTC. Pray also that they quickly find a place of ministry.

Quote from Amy’s reading:

“By sacrificing our energy on behalf of others, we discover there is a priceless reward for those who devote their lives to God’s service. Every word spoken to the sorrowful, every act committed to relieve the oppressed, every kindness shown to the brokenhearted will result in blessings, not only to the sufferer, but also to the giver.” – Barbara Johnson (God’s Most Precious Jewels are Crystallized Tears, Nashville: Word Publishing. 2001.)

Greg’s blogTheology in Overalls

“District Assembly Line? Why we need District ConferenceĀ instead” (read it here)

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