Here I am, Lord. Send me!

Revs Collin and Shireen Elliott (at right) kneel with their two adult children, Peter and Amy (left)

The Africa Regional Conference (Johannesburg) has been an amazing, Holy Spirit anointed event this week. But the highlight for us so far was Wednesday’s sending service.

Revs. Collin and Shireen Elliott are South African and have served for many years in the southern part of the continent. Later this year, they will take up new roles as missionaries on the Asia-Pacific Region. The picture shows the leaders of our church gathered around and praying for them, entrusting them to the capable hands of Jesus. This is the first time the Church of the Nazarene in Africa has sent global missionaries to another world region. What a blessing to share in this historic, Africa Rising moment!

Amy’s quote from her reading

“We have more ways to connect than ever before through cell phones, FaceBook, e-mail and voice-mail. Yet people are more lonely than they have ever been and hungry for a kind word.” – Sally Ferguson, in How to Plan A Woman’s Retreat (Amazon Kindle, 2009, location 106).

Check out “O Africa, Ability is your name!“, Greg’s latest blog post on “Theology in Overalls.”

3 thoughts on “Here I am, Lord. Send me!”

  1. As consecrated Geographer it thrills my soul to see this report Dr. Crofford. It seems to me that Africa is forging ahead of North America and might well be sending missionaries this direction in the not too far distant future.


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