Words & a pic – March 4

AREC packetPeople are beginning to arrive and will continue to arrive in the coming days. On Monday, the Africa Regional Conference 2015 – Johannesburg begins. Pray for granted visas and safe travels.

Greg, Samantha Chambo and I will host meetings during the first day and a half for the heads of the educational institutions on the region. Vision will be shared, learning will take place, important topics will be discussed. Please pray for us and the institutional leaders.

Please pray for the stamina of all concerned with the regional conference. These days will be tiring and triumphant, social and spiritual, busy and blessed.

Quote from Amy’s reading: William Zinssler in the 4th edition of On Writing Well:On writing well

“But ultimately eloquence runs on a deeper current. It moves us with  what it leaves unsaid, touching off echos in what we already know from our reading, our religion and our heritage. Eloquence invites us to bring some part of ourselves to the transaction” (p. 130).

Greg’s blog: Theology in Overalls

“Thecharles_johnson1 history of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in the United States has always fascinated me. As a Nazarene, a book that addresses civil rights and adds a Nazarene angle is a double winner. Chet Bush’s Called to the Fire: A Witness for God in Mississippi – The Story of Dr. Charles Johnson (Abingdon, Nook edition, 2012) is one such book.”

To read the rest ofCalled to the Fire: A review”, click here.

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